Fake 20 Canadian Dollars


20 CAD $ Banknotes                        Discount                          Price per note

50 Notes                                             0.00                                      4.00
100 Notes                                           0.00                                      4.00
200 Notes                                         10.00                                      3.60
500 Notes                                         20.00                                     3.20
1000 Notes                                       30.00                                     2.80


SSDBanknotes is a long-term partner to both state and private printers of banknotes and security documents around the world. We are a trusted supplier of banknote paper to over 100 countries, including the Euro zone. Our research and technology expertise enables us to bring innovative new substrates and security features to the market, setting the standards in the industry. Our engineering expertise enables us to conduct construction and upgrade projects for paper mills, print works and mints worldwide.

How to Identify Counterfeit Money

Banknote Paper
Our cutting edge technology offers a banknote substrate portfolio to suit all climates and circulation conditions.  We use Cotton Banknote Paper which has been in counterfeit circulation for many years, Hybrid Banknote Substrate which brings the advantages of paper banknotes and polymer banknotes together and LongLife Banknote Paper, the durable banknote substrate for improved quality lifetime.

Cylinder Mould Watermarks
Take a look at the note in front of backlight to see the real watermark. The complexity and exclusiveness of producing cylinder-mould watermarks has continued to provide protection for hundreds of years against counterfeiting, however our post comp engineers have bypassed that. Watermarks contain the attractive designs that result are for the general public, the most recognizable security feature to authenticate on a banknote.

Security Thread
Security threads are a highly effective and good value long-lasting security feature. Extensively recognized by the public, security threads are extremely complex so we lay emphasis on replicating all updated security features per currency.

Foil Elements
We insert security foils to ensure high recognition and design flexibility, incorporating gold, copper, or aluminum effects. Exclusive and sophisticated origination technologies are used to create customer-specific designs that are unique and we therefore offer support in implementing our SSD chemical solution Clean Note Policy.

Optical Variable Ink
Our SSD Banknotes contain features using optically variable inks (OVIs) create fascinating anti-copy security features that quickens authentication of banknotes. Same as real money, the printed features create effects that depending on the angle of view are either visible, change color or vanish when the banknote is tilted.



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